VVO PROJECT is a unique business that does not have any analog in the Russian Far East. It includes many different formats that start from music partnership with Mumiy Troll band and extend to only one original Bavarian brewery restaurant in this region – Paulaner Bräuhaus Vladivostok.

 The united company VVO PROJECT is a leader in the area of public food service in Vladivostok and Primorsky Region. The modern original approach of running business contributes to realize unique high scale projects. Currently the united company VVO PROJECT is one of biggest employers in Primorsky Region. It provides job for more than 850 people. Over 10 years the company acquired a great experience. Recently it extended its business beyond the region. The second Mumiy Troll Music Bar was launched in May, 2015 in Moscow.





V-ROX Festival — Vladivostok, Russia

A three-day open-air city festival, that has helped establish Vladivostok as an international beacon for the arts in the Asia-Pacific region. A combined music festival and international conference for the music industry and for contemporary cultural management. A unique opportunity for aspiring artists and producers to gain exposure – both to new audiences and to leading international music industry professionals.

 The idea of the V-ROX festival is to facilitate a journey of discovery – people can use the festival to discover the plethora of interesting things around them. 

More than 250 musicians, music industry professionals and journalists visit the V-ROX Festival each year. More than 70 shows happen around the city and upwards of 30,000 people attend the main event at Central City Square and Sport Embankment. An estimate of 250,000 people watches the Main Stage Concerts online stream.

V-ROX gives a unique opportunity to showcase their music to a new enthusiastic audience and to meet booking agents and other industry insiders from Russia, Japan, China, South Korea and other countries around the world.